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Election Day

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Gene Newman                                        0        0.00%               1923      52.18%         1923      52.18%

Michael Sartor                                         0        0.00%               1659     45.02%          1659      45.02%

Cast Votes:                  0        0.00%               3582      97.20%              3582     97.20%

Undervotes:                  0        0.00%                   93        2.52%                  93       2.52%

Overvotes:                   0        0.00%                     0        0.00%                    0       0.00%

Write-in :                   0        0.00%                   10        0.27%                  10       0.27%



Hello, my name is Gene Newman and I am running for Mississippi House Representative District 61. As a Pearl school graduate who has lived in Pearl for most of my life, I have been a dedicated community leader committed to bringing a strong voice to the area.

Gene NewmanI'm running because I believe District 61 needs a representative that participates in a state government that is accountable to the voters and promotes opportunity and independence. We need a representative that understands the importance of facilitating family life and putting the education of our children above politics. We need a representative that embodies the values we uphold to build the future we deserve. I believe that I’m the candidate for the job.

Join me by volunteering or donating what you can. Together, we can make a difference!

I'm looking forward to meeting and hearing from you in the coming months.

- Gene

You can call me at: 601-316-2491

You can email me at

Here is a sample ballot for Rankin County

Rankin County Republican Primary Ballot

If you don't know where to vote, you can find it here: